New bingo games to try on GameVillage!

Playing bingo on top bingo sites is a great way to pass time, but playing the same games all the time can take a mono tone and get a bit boring. To keep the gameplay fun and lively, here are some new bingo games that you must try on GameVillage.

1. Elimination bingo:

Elimination bingo is the opposite of the usual bingo you play. It is basically reverse bingo. In the elimination bingo, the players left with the most number of unmatched number of balls called, win the games. So, if you’ve been having bad luck for always being the last one to crack the numbers, this games will make your day.

2. Village Inn Bingo:

Village Inn Bingo is a 75 ball bingo room and holds an unique prize called the hotball that is different from the pattern win and jackpot prize. Players can win up to £1500 if they hit and on the hotball number.

3. Super games:

As the name suggests, super games are the games that are super fun and rewarding. These games are played during particular hours of the day or week. You could win a share prize of up to £1000. You can also pre-buy the tickets to increase your chance of winning the games.

So, break the boredom and head to your favorite bingo site GameVillage to play these new games.

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